Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Blog Header, Blog Pic And Favicon!

My very own favicon, blog pic, and blog header! I'm sooo happy!

For a closer look, here's my new favicon:

Isn't it soooo lovely? SC - for SittieCates! Wonderful!

And here's my new blog pic which is also included in the blog's header:

Sooooo fab, right? As you can see, my ink and quill's still there. ;-)

Yup, I just can't contain my bliss. Why? Well, it's been awhile since I had this blog up and running. I've added posts here and there in a sporadic manner. But, I've not entirely mastered all the dizzying tips and tricks regarding design and all.

That's why I am so thankful to one of the members of the TFD (The Filipino Diaspora) family, JC Pineda (a.k.a. Culprit Pontiff) who took time to lend a hand in fixing my header and designing my blog pic and favicon. He designed it last night and sent the files to me via email. And I really appreciate his help. Aren't his designs just fab? I really love it!

To those who don't know (or can't really recall) how my blog header used to look, here's a snap:

And here's the new one as you can see above:

According to JC Pineda (Culprit Pontiff), a few tweaks may still be necessary. But, you know me... I just needed to see how it would look so I posted it. ;-)

Once again, thank you so much, JC! If you'd need help, too, with your blog, you may get in touch with him through his facebook account.


Culprit Pontiff said...

Thanks for featuring me Cates-
I'm not an expert in drawing but I can create simple editing...
here's my Fb Profile Page..
Drop a message if you would like to have your own Favicon and header- =)

SittieCates said...

You're welcome, JC (Culprit Pontiff)! Thank you so much for taking the time to help me. I really like what you did. Thanks a lot. ;-)

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