Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Writer's Take on Friendship: Age is Not an Issue

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What's a writer's take on friendship?

Contrary to what others (who are in a different profession) believe, writers are not usually loners. They actually have friends.

Take my case, for example.

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I have a lot of best friends, which - not whom - I consider to be a collection of books. I also have my very important friends - the computer, dictionary, and thesaurus. And, of course, I won't forget my old, reliable friend, the typewriter.

I like them because they don't talk back. They're not quick to offer unsolicited advice based from their own life scripts instead of really understanding what's going on and learning how I feel. They don't come bloated with a convoluted, egoistic sense of self adulation. They don't arrive at your doorstep dripping with sarcasm and crippling antagonisms, or bleeding profusely from the inside with a double-faced secret agenda.

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Oh, you mean, "human friends?"

Sure, sure. I also have an interesting set of human friends - devoid of the aforementioned characteristics - who pop up every now and then at different stages of my life.

What I find amusing about this is (yes, we're talking about my "human friends"):  As I tried to recall every friend I have (prompted by a recent conversation with my daughter, Catie on how many friends I have), I realized that they come from totally different backgrounds, and are in completely different age brackets.

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Perhaps, the secret to friendships is in the uniqueness of each individual - just like characters in a particular story. Not everyone is the same age as the main character. No one thinks alike; no one acts alike. And in a writer's take on friendship, that's reality - not only in the pages of a true-to-life story, but also in the grand scheme of things.

Friendship, then, doesn't have to be merely shared with those who are within the same bracket of life years as you. Regardless of how old or young one is, we can still enjoy the warmth, closeness, laughter, sorrows, and fun with another person.

That's what makes human relationships enjoyable - the difference in ages and uniqueness of an individual.

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Besides, as I've noticed, younger people are not entirely immature (even with their childlike actions and whims), and older ones - with all their seriousness - are not all mature and capable of effectively handling their own character.

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Anyway, it goes to show that the maturity level (particularly, in the psychological, mental, and emotional aspect known to contribute largely to one's strength of character) doesn't necessarily come with age.

Perhaps, if more people would see this writer's take on friendship - that age should never be an issue - human relationships would be a lot more fun. Doncha think so?


simplesoul said...

I think so.. hehe.. nice article sis.. :)

papaleng said...

wow! Sittie you are so blessed having those set of friends. Another enjoyable read, can I call you friend?

Brewed Coffee said...

I too have friends from different age bracket. I have a couple of friends as old as my mom. There's always something profound you can get from the older generation and I enjoy listening to their wisdom. With those almost my age or younger, it's also great to share things from chismis to serious issues in life.

Christ4Thailand said...

i too have brush, mey pen and my keyboard and most of kids...:) inspiring article here..:)

Real Lady said...

Wow sis, this is a beautiful article indeed. :)

SittieCates said...

@simple soul: Thank you.

@papaleng: Oh, but YOU are already included in my set of friends. :)

SittieCates said...

@Brewed Coffee: That's nice to know that we share the same views. Yes, there are many valuable things that we can garner from people from different age brackets.

@Christ4Thailand: That's nice to know. It is truly fulfilling to have friends that we, as writers, consider to be important such as your brush, pen, and keyboard; and, of course, our family who serve as our inspiration.

@Real Lady: Thank you so much, sis. I'm glad you liked it.

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